Lift Plan of the Year

Gateway Construction
by Stanley Hamilton, Topping Out Inc.
Tornado Response
by Fred Honsinger, Modern Crane
Storage Bin
by Ben Holdaway, Wagstaff Crane Service
Concert Setup
by Adrian Lacey, Sims Crane & Equipment
Brewery Vessels
by Greg Nachtegaele, Armstrong Crane & Rigging
SO3 Monorail
by Steve Phillips, Sterling Boiler and Mechanical
Overpass Build
by Dave Steffens, Lane Construction
Refinery Vessel
by Ronnie Wagstaff, Wagstaff Crane Service


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Storage Bin

by Ben Holdaway, Wagstaff Crane Service

Container being lifted in to place

The 66,000 lb. GMO Storage Bin was quite large, but didn’t have a tail lug on it so we had to choke some slings for the tail crane. The main crane had some trunnions at the top we used.

3D Lift Plan view of the container being lifted

Our main concern was headroom because the client wanted to use 100’ less luffing jib than what we started with for the job.

We thought about taking the luffing jib entirely off, but after looking at the charts we found that if we put out more main boom our capacity drops by 10K, but our headroom increased by 10 feet.

Headroom showed we would have 20+ feet, but we were literally within inches.


3D Lift Plan view, showing rigging 3D Lift Plan view showing both cranes