Update Log

This page lists all updates to 3D Lift Plan. You can enter your email address to receive email notification when an update is made.

Dec 20
  • Added the ability to search lift plans.
  • Added the ability to search 3D objects.
  • Added new instructional videos.
Sep 11
  • Added an option to use steel transition mats.
  • Now you can put one crane in setup mode instead of all cranes in the lift plan.
Jul 24
  • We have added a new rigging configuration with two spreader bars and four rollblocks.
Apr 18
  • Added ground-bearing-pressure calculations for steel mats.
  • Updated the crane mat printouts to display images of steel mats instead of wood.
  • Added the ability to override the boom angle when using a load chart with fixed boom angles.
Feb 9
  • We have utilized WebGL technologies to enable 3D content in Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge web browsers. Please select our WebGL version when using these web browsers.
Jun 16
  • Improvements to print quality and the jobsite editing feature.
Apr 28
  • 3D Lift Plan is now available in German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese, and Chinese.
  • You can now use international date and number formats.
Feb 25
  • Now you can perform 2D drag/drop jobsite editing from directly inside the Unity window.
  • DICA's FiberMax and SafetyTech mats are now available in 3D Lift Plan.
Jan 11
  • Our new "2D Mode" allows you to view a simple version of your lift plan on devices that don't support 3D content, such as tablets. After loading a lift plan, you can switch to 2D Mode using the "Graphics Mode" setting in the bottom left corner of the screen. You can make 2D Mode your default setting by changing the "Unity Build" setting on your Preferences page.
Jan 7
  • You can change the amount that the "plus" and "minus" buttons increment values. This setting can be changed on your account preferences page.
Apr 14
  • Manitowoc's Variable Position Counterweight system works in 3D Lift Plan.
Jan 14
  • Crawler and outrigger loads at the critical swing angle are displayed on the "Crane Loads" page and printouts.
Dec 31
  • Rigging plans can be printed in Unity mode.
  • Rigging and load dimensions are displayed in Unity mode.
  • Custom disclaimers on lift plan printouts can be made smaller by surrounding the custom disclaimer with [small] and [/small].
Jul 28
  • Outrigger loads and crawler loads can be viewed and printed when using Unity mode.
  • Added a new "Grid Spacing" setting which lets you specify a custom grid spacing.
  • Added a new "Dimension Mode" setting which gives you the option to hide dimension lines behind objects.
Jun 2
  • Manitowoc has partnered with 3D Lift Plan. All Manitowoc, Grove, Shuttlelift, YardBoss, and National cranes are now provided to you completely free of charge. PRESS RELEASE
Mar 1
  • The image scaling feature is now built in to Unity, making it compatible with all web browsers.
  • Custom rigging can be created and edited in Unity Mode.
Jan 22
  • Improved the appearance of dimensions in Unity Mode.
  • Added cross-browser image scaling functionality in Unity Mode.
  • Added a login report for account administrators, which can be accessed by clicking the new link on the Account Information page below the login information box.
Sep 4
  • On the Critical Lift Worksheet, the outrigger/crawler loads and ground bearing pressure below the mat will be automatically filled in.
  • You can edit the header on the Critical Lift Worksheet by clicking on the text.
Jul 16
  • Unity Mode:  Added a "Print Resolution" option so you can print high-resolution images. You can edit this setting from your Preferences page, or from the Print Setup page.
  • Unity Mode:  Performance improvements on older machines.
  • Unity Mode:  You can view the lift plan from below ground level.
  • Bug fix:  The Critical Lift Worksheet will show the sling angles that are used in sling tension calculations.
Jun 21
  • We added a "Rigging List" printout, which lists the quantity, weight, and capacity of all items in your rigging design.
  • You can print all documents from the "Print Setup" page, including the load chart, rigging list, and outrigger/crawler loads.
Jun 13
  • Public beta release of 3D Lift Plan - Unity. The goal of the upgrade is to modernize 3D Lift Plan, making it easier to use so you can design lift plans more efficiently. The new site features enhanced 3D graphics, a more optimized viewing area requiring less scrolling, and browser-based printing.
Mar 3
  • Initial private beta release of the upgraded version of 3D Lift Plan.
Mar 1
  • 3D Lift Plan is now available in Dutch.
Feb 16
  • 3D Lift Plan upgraded our site design and server hardware.
  • 3D Lift Plan can now be viewed in French.
  • Added options to display or hide crane, load, and rigging information for each crane on printouts.
  • The forums have been discontinued. We added this Update Log to replace the old one.