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Certification Classes

3D Lift Plan Certification Classes

A series of one-day training courses designed to teach you everything you need to know to become proficient enough with 3D Lift Plan to pass the certification exam given at the end of the class.

3D Lift Plan Certification

Students who successfully pass the exam will become certified at the level of training they have successfully completed, allowing them to display certification logos on their lift plans, letterheads, email signatures, etc.  Their name will also be listed on our site.

Can I take the exams without attending a class?

Yes, we offer online certification exams. View Details

Online certification exams consist of two parts...

  1. A knowledge exam consisting of multiple choice questions.
  2. A practical exam where the user is asked to create lift plans based on specific real-world scenarios.

Use the Sign Up form on this page to register for an online exam.  Be sure to provide your 3D Lift Plan username in the "Attendees" box.  You will receive a phone call to set up a time for you take the exam, and you will be given instructions on how to take the exam.

Certification exams must be taken in order.  For instance, you must pass the Level 1 exam before taking the Level 2 exam.

Level 1 and 2 online certification exams are free of charge for anyone who attends a 3D Lift Plan Boot Camp.

Certification Class Schedule


Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: TBD


Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: TBD

Certification Level 1 is required to attend this class.


Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: TBD

Certification Level 2 is required to attend this class.

What to bring...

  • Laptop Computer

    You can use a Mac for the Level 1 class, but a PC is required for the level 2 class.

    You will need the following software...

    • Unity 3D Web Player.

      Make sure you can view the 3D image on this page. It requires the Unity 3D Web Player.

    • A screen capture program.

      You can use the Snipping Tool that is found in your start menu and the accessories folder, but we recommend Snagit. You can download a free trial version.

    • Current version of Adobe Reader.
      PDF creation program like Adobe PDF or Blue Beam. If you don’t have one you can install CutePDF for free. Be careful not to install all the extra toolbars and things they ask you if you want to install.
    • (for the level 2 class)
  • We recommend changing your dpi setting for your resolution to 96dpi or small resolution. If your IT department needs to do this please have them do it before you get to the boot camp. Otherwise we can help you if need be once you get here.
  • For our level 2 class you will need a couple Click Once programs that will need to be installed. We can cover that during class, but if your IT department has your security tight on installing programs and allowing these programs to communicate with our server, please have your IT department contact us to make sure your computer is set up.


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Certification Levels

Certified User Certified Pro Certified Expert
Basic Lift Planning
Quick Lift Setup
Crane Search
Basic Jobsites
Basic Rigging
Custom 3D Objects
Advanced Lift Setup
Custom Loads
Advanced Rigging
Jobsite Designer
Google Earth Import
CAD Image Import
Crane Mats
Ground Bearing Pressure
Multi-Crane Lifts
Lift Videos